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There comes a time in everyone’s Istanbul life when we aren’t interested in the Turkish homestyle cooking, the kebabs or even the western menu restaurants.

Sometimes our brains connect with our stomaches, sending the signal, “Give me steak!”

But, for good great excellent steak in Turkey… where do we go?!

Listen to your stomach. The answer – Vino Steakhouse.

Istanbul’s leading blogging scene recently picked up their forks. It’s now time to read and taste their journey.

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Think of a jigsaw puzzle and a toddler lost within its pieces learning to put a three sided shape into a triangle hole, the round into the circle… easily managed.

Now imagine an adult, lost in the world of elite Istanbul restaurants learning to put excellent wine with good food. Quite a task…

Thankfully there is a steakhouse where the pieces are already nuzzled perfectly into position.

Vino Steakhouse has an international wine cellar combined with a menu of the highest quality meat.

Steak and wine. You can’t have, and shouldn’t have, one without the other.

For Vino’s international wines spend some time in their cellar, on the right just after the main entrance.

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Decisions, decisions

Take a return world trip. Tango through Argentina, swim with sharks in Australia, bungee jump in New Zealand, flamenco in Spain, hike the Andes in Chile and finish with a safari in South Africa.

Be absorbed by 350 wines from 14 countries and also a boutique selection sourced from regions around Turkey. Sound overwhelming? Just as well there is a wine expert on hand to guide and inform.

Then make your way through the restaurant that has the comfortable elegance of a mansion, without the snobbery.

Be seated below stained glass chandeliers. But not the usual, tasteless types. These chandeliers have the appearance and approach of the above mentioned elegant estate.

IMG 5843 300x225 Vino Steakhouse While enjoying the cured meat and cheese platters, I ask Vino chef Deniz for the most popular dish and he humbly tells me “all the meat dishes”.

I laugh and try to rephrase my question, asking for their signature meat dish. He then says, the ‘dana lokum’. But, perhaps I will disagree with the master, because his initial response was right after all.

After taste testing the many varieties of steak I lean towards labelling some signatures as the ‘şaşlık’ steak (cooked in a milky cream sauce which gaurantees tenderness) and the ‘üç boyutlu köfte’ (meatballs stuffed with cheese). But then again I could simply close my eyes and point my finger over the New York steak, Brooklyn, Harlem, T-Bone, rib eye, Dallas, florentine and porter house steaks and know that wherever my finger lands could still be genuinely considered a signature favourite.

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Located on Istanbul’s Asian side, just off Bağdat Caddesi (Baghdad Street), it is the only steakhouse on the exclusive Bagdad strip and has experienced foodies, corporate clients and the expat community joining me on the worldly travels of its wine house and with a menu price list to make your wallet smile.

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Üç boyutlu köfte

A part of the menu also wears the disguise of an Italian restaurant for those who wish to walk into a steak house and tread beyond the meat and look into the section of pastas, pizzas, salads and risottos.

But, if you plan for a steakhouse evening, then commit to a steak. You will walk away having fullfilled your expectations.

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There is a wide selection. Don’t panic, just choose, there is no wrong choice at Vino.

A refreshing reward to cleanse the pallete between meals, or even to finish the evening, is the lemon sorbet… but beware, it is too adorable to eat.

What is your brain telling you? You want steak..? Well now you know where to go.

Like the triangle piece put into the jigsaw, Vino Steakhouse is the perfect match for your cravings.

Written by Sheldon Heyes

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Vino Steakhouse

Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Cad.

No:1/1 Göztepe / İstanbul


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